Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Compression Stockings: Bringing Sexy Back

So one of the first suggestions you'll hear from doctors to treat POTS and dysautonomia is to try compression stockings. I bought some knee high stockings right away but they were uncomfortable and didn't work. They now live at the bottom of my sock drawer. I'm going to actually give thigh high stockings a try. It's the next frontier. I've been wary because it is obscenely hot about 10 months out of the year where I live and wearing tights under pants in 90 degree weather could make me spin into an anger rage spiral really fast, but I wore some spanx to a wedding a few months ago and got a taste of what compression stockings could feel like, while working it in my vintage-inspired dress. It felt a little like I had super powers because I didn't feel the tentacles of gravity constantly pulling me to earth as much. Blood pooling in the legs is the hallmark of the condition and the reason why I spend as little time vertical as possible; compression stockings might be worth a try. My legs are becoming more and more swollen, partly because of the medications I’m on and partly because most of my blood resides there. I look at my thighs these days and feel like some sort of slightly underweight, malformed Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Lovely image, right? I never realized  how expensive compression stockings are so my wallet just took a good punch, but if they work, I might be able to convince my insurance to cover them. When the stockings arrive, I’ll post about whether they helped or not. Bring on the sexy.

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