I wouldn't call myself a poet, mostly because I've been too lazy to really dedicate myself enough to call myself that. But I have written "musings" my whole life and often I mine them for lyrics. Most are related to surviving illness. This page will be updated regularly with new and old musings.

A Geography of Time (May 2015)

Under this skin, a geography of time
Lift up the sky, ring stones and ceremony
To walk the long processional still
And plot points between veins, another year lingers in stain

The rising Mid-Winter sun
In a breath, the world glitters again
As we look for vertices in memory
And ligaments confined
The shared celebration, our motif still

Longing for verticality, bodies rising high in stone
In sickness and in health, the ritual remains
A skin moment forgotten in the longue durĂ©e
To the release of history
Longing to be spoken again

I can unfurl this body, map out the stars and decode its utterances
It speaks unto itself but is embedded in the Universal—can you hear it still requesting?
A segment here, a limb there
Its language so bewildering and uncanny
A simple song I cannot unlearn

Swim to the surface—do you see?
Packed in peat for millennia
Something so familiar
A chance encounter, a new beginning
Bones remembering, the arc of our story enchained still

You can lose yourself in these mysteries—do you wander too?
An echo of a memory embedded in flesh
And the beating drum that pulses on and on
On to the collective refrain

The last crescendo before the final measure, the denouement so near
It won’t loiter long
Catch it in jar to wonder at it still

A Beginning (November 2014)

In the far reaches
Of the galaxy, the long reaching arms of life found you
Curved your limbs
Rolled you over and marked you for fate
And let you rest in waiting until your number was called

You spoke the languages of star dust then
Geometry, elements, such
The mysteries played no dialectical games
Knowledge and being melded, light and sound
You could see as all see
No separating extremities
Or monikers of distinction
Only sweetness and light
Etched into your beating depth

Let you hold the weight of the universe in your hand
Let you reach into that palatial unknown and bear the fruit of your ancestry

Let you sing with the stars.


Echocardiogram (September 2011)

She said lie still, pressing sound waves into my chest

Wrapped in linen, I saw the open of my heart

Bouncing, auditory unrest and electricity

Black and white fabric of innervation

I stared into the Gorgon of mortality

Oh—that’s all?

I could bite it. Rip the skin. Tear the flesh

Taste finality in song

Unfurl this skin and find the final gate

Heard the swirling of blood, the violence of life

I looked inside

And gaped with savagery. It was unknown to me. A figurative lesson no more.

I saw the open of my heart and wanted to crawl inside

My essence—like coming home


Lion Heart (May 2014)

Is this once lion heart
Only a shriveled core now
This once sinewy, lithe body—that turned, curled, soared in the air
A lump of flesh, withered and unyielding
Selfishly holding to just mere existence
But nothing more
Is this once verdant, crisp life
A pile of leaves
Breaking in the wind
This palimpsest of learning, the lasting wisdom
Simply a prating fool, a soundless voice
A page turns and I’m myself again
The memory of the climb, the climb
So high, so unshackled
So carefree
The rushing water, the many feet above
The sound I’ll never remember
The brightness I still sense
All these, embedded in my flesh
The memory now to keep


In Search of Real (July 2014)

Too many chemicals, not enough real
Not enough feel under this skin
Kick start your organs and the symphonic sounds of a body beating
Too much remembering, not enough now
Remembering the feel and the rhythm of functionality
The simplicity of movement within time
I’m going to alchemy this skin to be once again
Utilitarian though ransacked on delivery
Too much drip, drip, dripping
Dropping on this flesh a swell
To start the day under a spell
Of chemical wonderment
With the sun shining through, through, and through you
A warrior dance 

An ancient song

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