Thursday, February 7, 2019


I had a dream
I fell out of space and time
I ran through corridors of moment
Desperate to find my way back
To my temporal space
Trying not to look to my right, where the future
Bared itself, real and ready
Or re-witness the past
I don't want to know
I kept seeking a present
That made sense
To find my way back

But I woke up still running
The beat of my heart still
Out of sync
Too slow, too fast
Still searching
In a world
Where I've lost inertia
I fell off the merry-go-round
As it spins out of time
Just a blur, a schism
Nothing to grasp on to
In this lumbering gravity

Living at a slower pace
I've seen leaves turn red
Then fall and turn to stone
I've watched thousands of butterflies take flight
Regenerating into forests
I've held a dying star in my hand
Watched galaxies congeal and melt
Where the cosmic colors converge
And tendrils of life seek then recede

But I never found my way back
I lost my present
And now this body always drags slightly
Behind the beat
Yet still
I am home